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iCall011 is the most convenient and affordable prepaid international calling service available today. This service has no hidden fees, no contracts, no PINs to dial and it works automatically with your current phone service. iCall011 combines simplicity of use, crystal clear connections, and lowest international rates making iCall011 the right choice for our customers.

  • Honest minutes - no tricks or gimmicks
  • No connection fees
  • No need to enter PIN numbers (PIN-Less Dialing)
  • Use iCall011 with any mobile or landline phone
  • Pay as you go....no contract and no monthly fees
  • Set up speed dial numbers
  • View call history online

With iCall011, you can place cheap calls all over the world! It doesn’t matter if you place calls to India, calls to Mexico or calls to Russia. With iCall011 you will save money on ALL your International Calls!